Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless Headphones

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The Bowers & Wilkins PX combines best-in-class sound with optimised noise cancellation, 22-hour battery life and intelligent controls that respond naturally to your behaviour, for a totally intuitive listening experience.

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Say hello to the future of headphones. The Bowers & Wilkins PX raises the bar for noise cancelling sound quality. So you can lose yourself in music, with all the emotion and detail of the performance intact. It combines this with intuitive controls that respond to your natural behaviour. For a totally immersive, effortless listening experience.

Controlling PX feels completely intuitive, thanks to sensors that respond to the way you naturally use a set of headphones. Lift an ear cup to talk, or hang it round your neck, and PX pauses the music, resuming playback when you’re ready to listen. It’s as if PX is an extension of you, always perfectly anticipating your needs.

Want to customise your listening experience? It's easy with the PX app. As well as switching between pre-set environment filters, you can manually adjust voice pass-through settings for each and update your PX with latest firmware.

With PX's three environment filters, you can adjust the level of noise cancellation to suit your surroundings. 'City' allows through traffic noise so you can cross roads safely. 'Office' lets you hear when colleagues talk to you. 'Flight' cancels ambient engine noise.