Naim HDX Hard Disk Player


For sale is a preloved Naim HDX hard disk player. It is in very good condition and comes with remote, mains cable and interconnect but no original packaging. We will pack it securely for postage. Serial: 264008

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The HDX delivers convenience without compromise. The world’s first audiophile hard disk music player, it was also Naim's first step into digital music delivery – and today, several years after its launch, it still sets the performance standards in its class. Invest in an HDX and you’re buying more than just a single point of access for your digitally stored music collection. It can operate as a high-performance hub for your whole home, streaming the songs you love into any room equipped with a compatible Naim Audio device. Sound quality, whatever format is being replayed and wherever it is being accessed - is never less than absolute. We’d accept nothing less.